St. Maximin’s Abbey, Trier

St. Maximin's Abbey, Trier

I’ve already mentioned the Abbey of St. Maximin twice (in the first and most important place, the history of Luxembourg City and thus, of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in general, began with it) and apparently, I’m going to mention it again further. That’s why I’ve decided to show it in a separate publication before I present the second part of my publications about Trier.

St. Maximin Trier

St. Maximin is one of the oldest monasteries in Western Europe, built as early as the 4th century, about AD 320, when a graveyard basilica was erected in its place. Initially, the church was dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, but due to the translation of the relics of the Trier Bishop Maximin on May 29, 353, the Benedictine monastery, built in the 6th century in place, took his name. Later, St. Maximin Monastery became an Imperial Abbey and thus, the most influential and important abbey in the whole Frankish Kingdom possessing vast territories in the surroundings.

Today the church building houses the sport hall of a private Catholic school that is used also as an event hall. Its former glory is long since vanished and dead. The only remains of it still lie underneath the building in a grave park where over thousand stone sarcophagi are kept, the oldest ones of them dating back to the 2nd century.

St. Maximin Trier (2)

St. Maximin Trier (3)

St. Maximin Trier (4)

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