Château de Lavaux-Sainte-Anne

Castle of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne

The history of the Castle of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne began in the 13th century as a defensive tower for the protection of an old Roman road. Yet as late as the year 1450, the whole defensive fort was built – with a moat, drawbridge, loopholes etc.

Lavaux Sainte Anne portail

Lavaux Sainte Anne (2)

Under the arch to the right is the place where the products for the kitchen were unloaded. The kitchen is right behind. This is the underground floor of the castle.

Lavaux Sainte Anne (6)

Lavaux Sainte Anne jardin

The castle garden.

In 1630, the new owner (after the change of many other owners) Baron de Rouveroit reshaped the castle so that it suited the requirements of the new time.

Lavaux Sainte Anne portail (2)

The Renaissance portal dates from that time.

Lavaux Sainte Anne (3)

Lavaux Sainte Anne (4)

The Baron in question also bricked the building in red (the photographs are made in the inner courtyard).

Lavaux Sainte Anne (5)

Today the castle houses three museums – museum of the rural life, of the life of the noble family and a hunt museum.  Due to the latter museum, a bit unpleasant feeling to the castle remained in my mind after the visit. I can’t remember whether it was interesting to me to see stuffed animals when I was a child (presumably, it was rather scary), but nowadays my heart sinks out of pity at the sight of the corpses of these innocent creatures.

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