Month: April 2017

Modave Castle/Château de Modave

Modave Castle

Let’s drop the religious stuff for a while and enjoy the remarkable Modave Castle – my favorite Belgian castle. Modave Castle is such a hidden pearl that deserves even a second visit so that I could this time have the chance to listen more attentively to the audio-guide and to the historical facts about it instead of only taking photographs. (more…)



There is a rite in Oberstdorf in Bayern that leads back to the time of the Celts 2000 years ago and is held every 5 years – der Wilde-Mändle- Tanz/the Wilde-Mändle-Dance. Oberstdorf is the only place in the Alps where (more…)

Görresburg, Nettersheim

Görresburg, Nettersheim

I’ve already mentioned the cult of the Matrons or the Three Goddesses twice, but I decided that Nettersheim is the right place where you can get a clearer notion of them.

In fact, Nettersheim, or more precisely, Görresburg is only one of the several sanctuaries, located in a straight, 44-kilometer-long line.

Whether this is related to the sanctuaries in Greece located in a strict geometrical dependence, described in „Odyssey of the Gods“, by Erich von Däniken (and not only)?


Stiftskirche Kyllburg/Collegiate Church of Kyllburg

Collegiate Church of Kyllburg, cloister

After reading about the Divine Feminine, about all these significant Notre-Dame temples/temples dedicated to Our Lady, the ‘not accidental’ devotion of the ‘not accidental’ person Bernard of Clairvaux to Mary, and so on, I’m now looking at these temples with new eyes. Behind the figure of the Virgin Mary stands an ancient (more…)