Görresburg, Nettersheim

Görresburg, Nettersheim

I’ve already mentioned the cult of the Matrons or the Three Goddesses twice, but I decided that Nettersheim is the right place where you can get a clearer notion of them.

In fact, Nettersheim, or more precisely, Görresburg is only one of the several sanctuaries, located in a straight, 44-kilometer-long line.

Whether this is related to the sanctuaries in Greece located in a strict geometrical dependence, described in „Odyssey of the Gods“, by Erich von Däniken (and not only)?

The Gallo-Roman temple district Görresburg in Nettersheim stands in the architectural reserve on a hill that can be reached through a bushy path. As it has to be when it comes to an ancient place of worship.

From its information board, we can learn that it dates from AD70.



The cult of the Matrons/of the Three Goddesses is a Celtic-German cult originating in the 1st century that was adopted by the Romans from the local inhabitants.



The Three Goddesses, dressed like women from the local population, were goddesses of the fertility and guardians of the family and state.

And this is the one aspect of the Trinity (that we already know well) in Christianity. We can see it in the person of the three Marys standing under the crucified Jesus, or even in the altars dedicated to Saint Anne that we already spoke of in the previous publication. But it is most recognizable by the Three Virgins Fides, Spes, and Caritas. And while in Pre-Christian times, the triple divinity was depicted as two married women standing on both sides of a virgin, in the Christian patriarchal world, there is no room for married women or ‘women who had tasted the sinfulness’. In Christianity, the women and the feminine, as far as they are allowed to play any part in the religion at all, had to be virgin and unblemished. That’s why Anna and Mary had conceived in that way.



Goerresburg, Nettersheim (12).jpgBut here, in Görresburg, you can see how the open cult of the Matrons, not concealed behind the names and figures of Christian martyrs, such as ‘the Faith, the Hope, and the Charity’, is still alive and is maintained daily.

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