There is a rite in Oberstdorf in Bayern that leads back to the time of the Celts 2000 years ago and is held every 5 years – der Wilde-Mändle- Tanz/the Wilde-Mändle-Dance. Oberstdorf is the only place in the Alps where this rite has been preserved over the centuries. It’s being performed by members of 13 select local families in honor of God Thor. The number 13 is very symbolical in itself in the view of all these well-known significant groups of 13 personalities ranging over the history – Zeus with the Twelve Olympians, Jesus with the Twelve Apostles or King Arthur with his 12 knights….


The figure of the Wild Man also reminds me somehow of the “Appennine Colossus” by Giambologna from 1580 in Villa Medicea di Pratolino.

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