Month: May 2017


The Upper Castle, Manderscheid

The extraordinary panorama with two fortified medieval castles – Niederburg and Oberburg – as a result of the notorious medieval history of the area, is the main attraction of Manderscheid. And although this is not my favorite type of tourist attractions, I had to visit at least one of them – the so-called Niederburg/the Lower Castle. (more…)

Klausen Pilgrimage Church/Parish and Pilgrimage Church of the Visitation of Mary, Klausen

Klausen Pilgrimage Church

The history of the Pilgrimage Church of the Visitation in Klausen, or Eberhardsklausen, is similar to that of the Abbey of Mariawald. In 1440, a poor man named Eberhard just placed a Pièta in one hollow tree. He then built a Klause (a German word for ‘a hermitage’, where obviously also the name of the settlement derives from). (more…)

Church of the Redeemer/Erlöserkirche, Mirbach

Church of the Redeemer, Mirbach

Another curiosity (after Our Lady’s Basilica in Avioth), yet built in more recent times and without the slightest touch of mysteriousness, is the Church of the Redeemer in Mirbach, called also Eifeldom/ Cathedral of Eifel – an impressive monument in a little settlement with far less than 100 inhabitants (82). (more…)