Church of the Redeemer/Erlöserkirche, Mirbach

Church of the Redeemer, Mirbach

Another curiosity (after Our Lady’s Basilica in Avioth), yet built in more recent times and without the slightest touch of mysteriousness, is the Church of the Redeemer in Mirbach, called also Eifeldom/ Cathedral of Eifel – an impressive monument in a little settlement with far less than 100 inhabitants (82).

It was erected in 1902 by a member of the local noble family – of Mirbach, that had actually left the area as early as the end of the 16th century, as something like a monument of his house (as it is said in the Kunstreiseführer ‘Die Eifel’, by Walter Pippke and Ida Leinberger).

Erloeserkirche, Mirbach

Erloeserkirche, Mirbach (2)

Erloeserkirche, Mirbach (3)

Ernst of Mirbach was Oberhofmeister by Empress Auguste Victoria and chairman of the Evangelical Church Building Association, so the church obtained large funding for its construction, as well as the work of the most notable masters at the time.

Erloeserkirche, Mirbach (4)

Erloeserkirche, Mirbach (5).jpg

Erloeserkirche, Mirbach (9).jpg

From the information board of the monument, we learn that its style even reminds of the Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem, built by Emperor Wilhelm II. The mosaic was made by motifs from Ravenna. Later, the Eifeldom stimulated the construction of the similar Church of the Redeemer in Gerolstein.

Erloeserkirche, Mirbach (10).jpg

The altar with the Maltese cross/the cross of the Knights Hospitaller was donated by Emperor Wilhelm II.

Erloeserkirche, Mirbach (6)

The rosette with the coats of arms of the territorial lords and the double coat of arms of the Emperor and the Empress was also a donation by Wilhem II.

Erloeserkirche, Mirbach (11).jpg

The organ is carried by four angels. Under the organ stand angels with the weapons of Christ/arma Christi.

Erloeserkirche, Mirbach (13).jpg

St. Sebastian and a relief of Jesus, amid the family of the founder, over the inner portal.

Erloeserkirche, Mirbach (12).jpg

The family loge.

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