Month: June 2017

Aachen Cathedral Treasury/ Aachener Domschatzkammer

Aachen Cathedral Treasury

Since Aachen was the center of the Holy Roman Empire and was built as a ‘Roma secunda’, the Aachen Cathedral Treasury is the biggest and most important church treasury north of the Alps. It contains Roman works, as well as works from the Carolingian, Ottonian, Staufen, and Gothic times.


Imperial Abbey of Kornelimünster

Abbey Church of Kornelimünster

To visit the otherwise very beautiful town of Kornelimünster on a very cold and windy day isn’t a very pleasant thing, but maybe it cannot be different as Aachen (to the district of which Kornelimünster belongs) and its area are notorious for their bad weather and in Aachen, (more…)

St. Thomas Monastery

St. Thomas Monastery Church

The village of St. Thomas was mentioned for the first time in AD 973 under the name of Ernistburen, later Erlenburen. Its present name, it owes to the Monastery of St. Thomas, founded in 1185 by the Knight Ludwig of Deudesfeld in honor of St. Thomas of Becket. It was a (more…)