Castle of Vêves/Château de Vêves

Castle of Vêves

Nothing can surprise me or impress my senses after visiting my favorite Modave Castle. Even the much-advertised Castle of Vêves.

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Its origin is linked to Pepin of Herstal, who had presumably built a fortification in the 8th century.

Since the 12th century, the property and the area have belonged to the Beaufort Family beginning with their first ancestor – Walter of Beaufort, whom I’ve already mentioned in the publication about Beaufort Castle.

The castle was reconstructed during the Renaissance and during the reign of Louis XV. Its furnishings date from the 18th century.

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Desandrouin Bureau/Office of Desandrouin.

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The Bedroom.

La Tour du Pin-Salon. The furnishings are in the Louis XV and Louis XVI style – the red armchairs in the Louis XV style, folding screen and bureau in the Louis XVI style.

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Dining room. The chairs are in the Louis XV style. The painting over the fireplace depicts the Castle of Vêves.

In the pictures over the doors – another 2 castles owned by Beaufort Family: Villers-sur-Lesse, Ciergnon and Liedekerke, Aalst.

Castle of Celles-Vêves Salon.


A tapestry with Perseus turning Atlas to stone.

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