St. Thomas Monastery

St. Thomas Monastery Church

The village of St. Thomas was mentioned for the first time in AD 973 under the name of Ernistburen, later Erlenburen. Its present name, it owes to the Monastery of St. Thomas, founded in 1185 by the Knight Ludwig of Deudesfeld in honor of St. Thomas of Becket. It was a Cistercian noble nunnery (the oldest Cistercian monastery in Germany) with a chapel where sacred relics were kept, brought by the nobleman from his pilgrimage to St. Thomas’ grave.

Kloster St. Thomas

Kloster St. Thomas (2)

The present Baroque monastery buildings date from 1744 when they were completely rebuilt after a fire.

St. Thomas, Klosterkirche

The church was consecrated in 1222.

St. Thomas, Klosterkirche (2)

The nun’s choir is the oldest part of the church where in the 19th century the tombs of abbesses and clergymen from the 14th to 18th century were placed.

St. Thomas, Klosterkirche (13)

St. Thomas, Klosterkirche (7).jpg

The high altar mensa is one of the preserved original pieces of furniture.

St. Thomas, Klosterkirche (14)

The cross dates from the first half of the 14th century.

St. Thomas, Klosterkirche (10).jpg

The altar of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux from the 17th century.

St. Thomas, Klosterkirche (8).jpg

Stone pulpit from 1634.

St. Thomas, Klosterkirche (9).jpg

Statue of Thomas Becket (Archbishop of Canterburry from 1162 until his murder in 1170) from around 1370.

St. Thomas, Klosterkirche (11)

The Statue of the Virgin Mary from the 14th century.

St. Thomas, Klosterkirche (12)

Garden pavilion from 1787.


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