Maldingen and Aldringen

Church of St. John the Baptist, Maldingen

Not far from Thommen are the villages of Maldingen and Aldringen located – two other ancient settlements. The place names with the suffix -ingen had emerged between the 4th and the 8th century, therefore these were ones of the oldest arising settlements and were known as early as the Roman times. (We’ve already seen that in the publication about the church in Aldringen.)

Nevertheless, Maldingen was first mentioned as late as the year of 1495, and Aldringen – in 1131.

There was a chapel in Maldingen from 1688. It was dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, just as the present church erected in 1926.

St. Johannes Kirche, Maldingen

St. Johannes Kirche, Maldingen (2)

It’s quite strange to enter a not so big church in a village with 390 inhabitants and have the feeling that you stand in a great cathedral – this is the impact of this magnificent vault and the enormous rosette on the back on the visitors’ perceptions.

St. Johannes Kirche, Maldingen (3)

The figure of St. Matthias comes presumably from the old chapel.

I’ve already shown the most important thing in St. Martin’s Church in Aldringen, but here, I want to show the interior of the temple.

The building dates from the 17th century and stands on the foundations of a previous older church. The three Baroque altars are from the beginning of the 18th century and the pulpit – from the 18th century.

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