Château de Leignon/Castle of Leignon

Castle of Leignon

The major part of the 2600-2700 castles in Belgium that are still private and not open to the public is well-visible from the main streets. That doesn’t hold true for the Castle of Leignon.  But even though I couldn’t take proper photographs of it, I want to show it by all means. As it is a very special castle to me.

Chateau de Leignon

Chateau de Leignon (2)

The present building was erected between 1895 and 1900 by the Belgian architect Auguste Van Assche in the Eclecticism style and was built with reference to the calendar: it has 365 windows (365 days), 4 towers (4 seasons), 52 rooms (52 weeks) and 12 stairs (12 months). When it comes to such kind of castles, I always recall the description of the Villa of Triste-le-Roy in „Death and the Compass“, by Jorge Luis Borges with its mystical symmetry, statues of Diana and Hermes, and its second floor which seemed endless and even increasing… To me, not only the whole buildings but separate elements in their construction, such as doors, windows, stairs, corridors, mirrors are mystical. Especially when they carry such a symbolism as the Castle of Leignon.

Chateau de Leignon (3)

Chateau de Leignon (4)

View from the graveyard nearby.

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