Church of St. Michael, Basbellain/Niederbesslingen/Kiirchen

Church of St. Michael, Basbellain

Mentioned for the first time in AD 585 as Villa Belsonancum, a Frankish domain of the Merovingian King Childebert II, Basbellain is one of the oldest settlements in Luxembourg. Bellain, or  Besslingen is the oldest place name in the country.

Basbellain, Kirche

The Church dedicated to St. Michael and St. Remigius, Bishop of Reims and Apostle of the Franks, has its Roman predecessor building and later was erected on top of the foundations of the Frankish castle chapel.

The present Luxembourg name of the settlement ‘Kiirchen’ (deriving from ‘church’) still reminds of the previous great significance of this temple in the times of the first Christianization of the region. But much to my regret, I couldn’t find any detailed information on the site, except for what was written on the information plate of the church (which holds true for almost every other Luxembourg or Belgian little settlement).

However, the site is worth visiting by people passionate about history and about the ancient times.

The present church dates from 1870 when it was reconstructed in the Gothic Revival style.

Basbellain, Kirche (7)

Slate tombstones from the 18th and the 19th century in the old cemetery.

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