Gouvy Castle

I’ve never managed to take the picture of Gouvy that I originally wanted to. It was a view of a street, that caught my eye while driving through the settlement. But I didn’t have the possibility to stop the car and capture the moment. And of course, the second time when I passed through the village, it wasn’t the same. I mean, the street hasn’t changed, but maybe my point of view – yes, and I didn’t want to capture this view.

But I this day took another photo instead:

Chateau de Gouvy.jpgThen I long time thought this is just a municipal administrative building, before I one day had to publish the picture and find out this is a castle (not to forget that we are yet in Belgium).

Château De Potter, or Château de Gouvy is a manor house built between 1875 and 1899.

In 2014, it was acquired by the community.

Eglise Saint-Aubin, Gouvy

The 18th century Church of St. Aubin (although on its façade stands the year 1849, this is the historical information I’ve found about it) was closed,

Eglise Saint-Aubin, Gouvy (3)

Eglise Saint-Aubin, Gouvy (4)

Eglise Saint-Aubin, Gouvy (5)but see what I’ve found – beautiful old tombstones in the old graveyard around it.

Eglise Saint-Aubin, Gouvy (2)The coat of arms of the Scheurette Family, initiators of the construction of the church.

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