Parish Church of St. Sebastian, Ettelbruck

I can’t offer you much information and pictures of Ettelbruck, as my visit was unplanned and I landed there on my way back home from the town of Diekirch, the main settlement of the canton and district, which Ettelbruck belongs to. Now I know that there is a town sightseeing walk with almost 15 important historical stations, but when I was there, even the tourist office was closed and I had no clue where I am and what should I search for.

But here I can drop you a hint that there is this town in this special country, and it is worth a visit, just as any other Luxembourg settlement.


You can be sure that I won’t miss a visit to a church.

Kierch Ettelbreck.jpgThe present Parish Church of St. Sebastian dates from 1850.

Kierch Ettelbreck (2)The high altar and the side altars are from the beginning of the 20th century.

Kierch Ettelbreck (3)Kierch Ettelbreck (4)Kierch Ettelbreck (5).jpg

Ettelbreck (2).jpg

Sculpture from 1987 at the former butter market with the building of the town hall behind.

Ettelbreck (3).jpg

Brasserie Carpe Diem – quite a symbolical name for an inn. And this is not the only one pub with this name that I’ve ever seen in this part of Europe.

Ettelbreck (4).jpg

Monument with the three figures symbolizing the three strengths of the town – agriculture, business and educational system.

Ettelbreck (5)

The architecture of the town bears resemblance to this of Diekirch to me.

Ettelbreck (9)

I can’t help but publish this picture, may these people excuse me, in order to show the love of the wanderers towards their pets that they cannot let home alone.

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