Month: January 2018

Collégiale Notre-Dame et Saint-Domitien/Notre Dame Collegiate Church of Huy

Notre Dame Collegiate Church of Huy

I’ve seen a vague image of a part of the roof of the Collégiale Notre-Dame et Saint-Domitien in Huy in an old issue in French and immediately, without knowing anything about this edifice (I still don’t know much about it) I decided to visit it someday. So, my way back from the Modave Castle was such a brief occasion that I couldn’t (more…)

Satzvey, Mechernich

Satzvey Castle

I may love all Knight Templar’s stories (and that’s why I simply had to visit the exhibition “The Knights Templar. Separating Myth from Reality” in the Abbey of Stavelot, for example, which was my disappointment, because there was almost nothing that I didn’t already know about the Order), but standing in a long queue for buying a not so cheap ticket for the Knights festival, one of the events organized in Satzvey Castle, wasn’t my thing, so I had to (more…)

Church of Weiswampach/ Wäisswampech

Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Weiswampach

I visited the Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Weiswampach only because I read in a guidebook that it is an exceptionally beautiful church. It was also written, that it is closed and the key is kept by the pastor in the parish house nearby. So, when I went there, I was prepared to call the pastor in order to see a hidden (and locked) little jewel. (more…)