Church of Weiswampach/ Wäisswampech

Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Weiswampach

I visited the Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Weiswampach only because I read in a guidebook that it is an exceptionally beautiful church. It was also written, that it is closed and the key is kept by the pastor in the parish house nearby. So, when I went there, I was prepared to call the pastor in order to see a hidden (and locked) little jewel.

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And what was my “disappointment” when I, in spite of the text, decided to try the handle of the door first before heading for the parish house, and found out the door was open. And what was my disappointment when I got inside.

So, I decided to show you this “little jewel” in order to avoid any further disappointments and misunderstanding.

Kierch Waisswampech (2)

Kierch Waisswampech (3)

The present church was built in 1735 (the present nave) and in1880, when the choir and the tower where completed.

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The Baroque high altar from the 18th century.

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Kierch Waisswampech (6)

The Baroque side altars are from the 20th century.

Kierch Waisswampech (7)

You know that Virgin Mary is a patron saint of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and there is a custom to change the clothes of her figure in the churches, which requires also many expenses on this item. But you can see how impressive this figure is almost everywhere.

Kierch Waisswampech (8)

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