Month: February 2018

St. Vith

Church of St. Vitus, St. Vith

I’ve already written about Belgium and its German-speaking community, but here is more detailed information on it.

I’m starting with St. Vith – one of the two main towns of the community. And firstly, I want to say that I don’t have any pictures of it, although I lived in the vicinity for so many years, and I’ve visited it on so many occasions. But a fact is a fact – I don’t have any pictures of it. And here is something that could explain this – St. Vith is known as (more…)

Church of St. Servatius/St. Servatius Kirche, Lichtenborn

Church of St. Servatius, Lichtenborn

The reason I often prefer to travel unprepared is maybe because I don’t want to set boundaries to the chance and just leave the door open to unexpected opportunities. And sometimes I am nicely surprised by the places that I find or that find me by chance.

As it was the case with my visit to the Church of St. Servatius in Lichtenborn. (more…)


Bracht Castle

Chased by a watchdog, accompanied by a Belgian whose every other sentence is “it is not allowed”, on a cold sunless day (which is something that you have to get to use to, because you know this famous ad at the Brussels airport – ‘Chocolate is best when it’s kept out of the sun. No surprise that the best is found in Belgium.’), but I’ve managed to (more…)


Maison Maraite, Bellevaux

Belgium is famous for its beer and its pommes frites and if you’ve never visited a little private brewery, watched the brewery process, and tasted the gorgeous local beer flavors during your stay in the country, you haven’t experienced much of this land… But this wasn’t the reason for my publication. The reason again is (more…)