Ferschweiler Plateau, part 1

Never go to the forest without a map! Especially when it comes to such an intricate area with numerous paths and so many sites of interest as the Ferschweiler Plateau. I have proceeded twice to a Monument of Diana and although I had both times two different places as a starting point, I haven’t managed to reach it.

Bollendorf and Weilerbach were my second starting point, but I will begin with them and later, I will show you the Plateau itself and its strange nature-sacred objects within.

As settlements located near the Luxembourg border, their history was closely linked and shaped by the nearby Abbey of Echternach and its abbots.

Bollendorf was first mentioned in AD 716 as a donation to the Abbey and it belonged to the Echternach Priory till the end of the 18th century.

So, the castle of Bollendorf was a seat of an underpriory.

Burg Bollendorf

Burg Bollendorf (2)

It was erected on the foundations of a Roman fort and in 1619 began its converting into a living castle by the 63rd Echternach abbot, whose work was later extended by the 70th and the 71st  abbot.

Burg Bollendorf (3)

The head entrance to the building with the coat of arms of the 70th abbot, Gregorius Schouppe and the year 1739.

Today it serves as a hotel with a restaurant.

Burg Bollendorf (4)

The tower ruins are remains from a former medieval construction.

Schloss Weilerbach (4).jpg

Near to Bollendorf is another summer residence of the abbots of Echternach – the Rococo Castle of Weilerbach, served also as an administrative building for the nearby iron mill.

Schloss Weilerbach (2)

Schloss Weilerbach (3)

It was erected in 1780 by the last abbot of Echternach, Emmanuel Limpach.

Schloss Weilerbach

Schloss Weilerbach (5).jpg

It was a Lustschloss/a pleasure palace. (Hmm, I thought the clergymen had to live a modest life, far away from the wicked seducement of the human weaknesses…)

Schloss Weilerbach (14)

Schloss Weilerbach (7)

Schloss Weilerbach (6)

Schloss Weilerbach (11)

The Baroque parterre garden with the pavilion.

Schloss Weilerbach (9)

Schloss Weilerbach (10)

A fountain house.

Schloss Weilerbach (13)

Schloss Weilerbach (12)

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