Aachen, part 4

Cross-signature of Charlemagne

I’ve already shown some important historical sites in Aachen such as the Aachen Cathedral, Aachen Town Hall, Aachen Cathedral Treasury, but there are so many others there.

Here is the Church of St. Foillan – the only German church, dedicated to this saint and first Aachen parish church, intended for the common people of the imperial city, while the nobility attended the masses at the cathedral built by Charlemagne. The first building in the place was erected in 1180. Another temple was built in the 15th century. But much to my regret, its present interior has almost nothing to do with them.

The best part of the furnishings dates from the 20th century, and more precisely – the high altar from 1962 and the choir windows from 1958.

Two pictures from 1901/1902 – The Entombment of Christ and Marriage at Cana.

I assume that this is the only part of the church preserved from previous times.

Pfarrkirche St.Foillan, Aachen (7)

Pfarrkirche St.Foillan, Aachen (9)

Pfarrkirche St.Foillan, Aachen (8).jpg

Statue of the ‘Beautiful Virgin Mary’ from 1410.

Pfarrkirche St.Foillan, Aachen (10).jpg

And now the most curious work of art – Black Madonna, a replica of the miraculous ‘Black Madonna of Brno’ from 1700.

The Grashaus is the first town hall of Aachen and was built in 1267.

Haus Loewenstein, Aachen (2)

Haus Loewenstein, Aachen

The Gothic ‘Haus Löwenstein’ from 1345 with the statue of John of Nepomuk from 1747.

Haus Loewenstein, Aachen (3)


The Marshing Gate, or Marschiertor – one of the only two of four preserved main city gates. It was built between 1257 and 1300.

Haus Zum Goldenen Einhorn, Aachen.jpg

The fairytale-like inn ‘Zum Goldenen Einhorn’, mentioned for the first time in 1349, but obtained its present appearance in the beginning of the 18th century.

Haus Muensterplatz 19, Aachen (2)

Haus Muensterplatz 19, Aachen

And my favorite house building with its façade, full of symbolical elements, constructed in the middle of the 18th century.

Hexenhof, Aachen.jpg

Do you see the irony here too – three witches under the statue of Virgin Mary with child?

Signum manus, Karl der Grosse.jpg

The cross-signature of Charlemagne that you can see everywhere in Aachen.

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