Month: August 2018

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul/Pfarrkirche Sankt Peter und Paul, Auw

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Auw

When I read about the three mysterious figures on the church tower in Auw in the historical magazine “Zwischen Venn und Schneifel”, I already knew, there aren’t any figures on the tower at all. But as this was information from a historical source, I went back to check it up. And I was right, there was nothing on the tower. I went around the whole church, keeping my eyes glued on the tower. And there was still nothing. (more…)


Castle of Wiltz

Another place that I had to visit twice in order to make more photographs of it……, but now I know – the more you travel, the more you’re starving for more knowledge and more detailed information about the places you visit.

The first thing about Wiltz that attracted me was the title ‘Capital of (more…)

Trier, part 3

Sarre Street, Trier

One church is awaiting to be shown in Trier too, and this is in fact one of my favorite churches that had impressed even Napoléon Bonaparte – this ‘cultural heritage destroyer’.

The present Church of St. Paulinus/ Pfarrkirche St. Paulin dedicated to the 4th-century Trier bishop Paulinus of Trier, was constructed 1734 – 1753 as a third temple on the place. (more…)