Burg Reinhardstein/Reinhardstein Castle

Reinhardstein Castle

It is still a mystery to me how people had been living in the castles in the past. You cannot help asking yourself that when visiting a place like Reinhardstein Castle in winter.

Burg Reinhardstein

I once had a cup of coffee in a room of an old manor house/castle in Belgium converted into an inn, where one of the walls was a big fireplace with constantly burning fire. One meter away from the fireplace, it was beastly cold.

The first castle on this place was built for Wenceslaus I (1337-1383) – the first Duke of Luxembourg, in 1354 (see something about him here) by his vassal, Renaud of Waimes and after it had changed hands several times, its ruins had been restored in the 20th century by its last owner after drawings by the painter Mathieu-Antoine Xhrouet.

I always say that there is no effort in vain in this universe and when you do something with passion, then everyone will profit from your inspiration, work and being. One good example for this is Mathieu-Antoine Xhrouet from Spa, or his predecessor Remacle Le Loup, whose works of art were used as an invaluable source by restoration of ruined sites.

Numerous of exhibits stand now in the castle rooms, some of them even the tourist guide cannot provide any information about.

Burg Reinhardstein (6)

It is assumed, that this is a statue of Charlemagne.

Burg Reinhardstein (9)

I found here one Black Madonna as well.

The castle chapel.

Burg Reinhardstein (13)

King David.

Burg Reinhardstein (15)

Knightly parade armor.

Burg Reinhardstein (16)

Have you recognized this emblem? I’m sure you already know that the logo of Alfa-Romeo is actually the coat of arms of the House of Visconti, rulers of the city of Milan. And you have probably watched the splendid and opulent films of one of the most famous contemporary representatives of this family – Luchino Visconti.

Numerous details in the castle capture the attention, but I don’t want to show you all, so that you can go and feel the place for yourself.

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