Castle of Wiltz

Another place that I had to visit twice in order to make more photographs of it……, but now I know – the more you travel, the more you’re starving for more knowledge and more detailed information about the places you visit.

The first thing about Wiltz that attracted me was the title ‘Capital of the Ardennes’. So, there was no chance to miss it.

Moreover, the noble family of Wiltz is one of the oldest in Luxembourg (source: Chateaux Luxembourgeois at associationchateaux.lu)

Also, the caduceus of Mercury in the town coat of arms.

Gemengenhaus Wolz

The first construction of the Castle of Wiltz in the 12th century initiated the dividing of the settlement into an upper and lower part, more precise – the formation of its upper part.

Schlass Wolz

Schlass Wolz (2)

The present Renaissance building was constructed between 1631 and 1720.

Schlass Wolz (3)

Schlass Wolz (4)

But the site that truly impressed me was, of course, the church.

So, as I already found out, not only the great Scholtus is worth mentioning when it comes to the Baroque style in the 18th century in this part of Western Europe. Because there is also the local master of the interior of this church – Nicolas Jacques (and we’ve already seen the craftsmanship of the workshop of Eberhard Hennes).

The Notre-Dame Church of Wiltz was built in 1729

Kierch Wolz (3)

Kierch Wolz (4)

and furnished in 1743.

Kierch Wolz (5)

Kierch Wolz (6)

Kierch Wolz (7)

Kierch Wolz (8)

Kierch Wolz (9)

Kierch Wolz (11)

Here is one locked room, where I saw one Black Madonna.

Kierch Wolz (10)

I couldn’t make any photographs of the old church of the lower town of Wiltz, because of some event there, but an information source is an information source, so…

Kierch Nidderwolz

…the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul was built at the beginning of the 16th century and extended in the 20th century. It is the place where the first castle of the noble family of Wiltz stood and their crypt is still under the tower.

Kierch Nidderwolz (3)

Kierch Nidderwolz (4)

Here is the new part of the building.

Kierch Nidderwolz (2)

I couldn’t reach the old Late Gothic one.


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