About me

My name is Stanislava Karagyozova. What I can say about me is that I am a highly sensitive person who is on its way to find her inner self and in search of its own truths in life has found a number of interesting places, things, and pieces of knowledge.

I decided to make this blog after I’ve realized that I possess photographs from over 200 places in Western Europe.

I will publish mainly information about not so popular tourist destinations, and my blog will by no means be a tourist brochure with instructions for travel, but merely a personal journey (sometimes very chaotic and unorganized) that will unfold how I’ve discovered the world through my two eyes and my additional third one – my camera.

I want to conclude with the following sentence taken from the book „The forty rules of love“, by Elif Shafak because it summarizes my journey and its consequences: “East, west, south or north makes little difference. No matter what your destination, just be sure to make every journey a journey within. If you travel within, you’ll travel the whole wide world and beyond.”

Enjoy with me the beauty that the human brain and hands had created over the centuries.

This is my inner and outer Camino….

Information sources:

Whereas all the photographs, without exception, are made by me, for the historical facts I use the following sources: Wikipedia, the internet sites of the places and the related tourist sites, tourist brochures, some travel guidebooks: “Die Eifel – Kunstreiseführer”, by Walter Pippke and Ida Leinberger; “Eifel – richtig Wandern”, by Klaus Ring; “Reiseführer der Ostkantone in Belgien”, by Jean-Marc Gay and Jan-Marc Huygen, as well as some issues of the magazine „Zwischen Venn und Schneifel“. Оther specific sources will be mentioned in the course of the publication.

You could find my high-quality images of the sites at https://www.picfair.com/Stanislava_Karagyozova