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St. Vith

Church of St. Vitus, St. Vith

I’ve already written about Belgium and its German-speaking community, but here is more detailed information on it.

I’m starting with St. Vith – one of the two main towns of the community. And firstly, I want to say that I don’t have any pictures of it, although I lived in the vicinity for so many years, and I’ve visited it on so many occasions. But a fact is a fact – I don’t have any pictures of it. And here is something that could explain this – St. Vith is known as (more…)


Bracht Castle

Chased by a watchdog, accompanied by a Belgian whose every other sentence is “it is not allowed”, on a cold sunless day (which is something that you have to get to use to, because you know this famous ad at the Brussels airport – ‘Chocolate is best when it’s kept out of the sun. No surprise that the best is found in Belgium.’), but I’ve managed to (more…)


Maison Maraite, Bellevaux

Belgium is famous for its beer and its pommes frites and if you’ve never visited a little private brewery, watched the brewery process, and tasted the gorgeous local beer flavors during your stay in the country, you haven’t experienced much of this land… But this wasn’t the reason for my publication. The reason again is (more…)

Collégiale Notre-Dame et Saint-Domitien/Notre Dame Collegiate Church of Huy

Notre Dame Collegiate Church of Huy

I’ve seen a vague image of a part of the roof of the Collégiale Notre-Dame et Saint-Domitien in Huy in an old issue in French and immediately, without knowing anything about this edifice (I still don’t know much about it) I decided to visit it someday. So, my way back from the Modave Castle was such a brief occasion that I couldn’t (more…)


Gouvy Castle

I’ve never managed to take the picture of Gouvy that I originally wanted to. It was a view of a street, that caught my eye while driving through the settlement. But I didn’t have the possibility to stop the car and capture the moment. And of course, the second time when I passed through the village, it wasn’t the same. I mean, the street hasn’t changed, but maybe my point of view (more…)

Church of St. Eligius/St. Eligius Pfarrkirche, Büllingen

Church of St. Eligius, Büllingen

Although I couldn’t take any photographs of the Church of St. Hubert in Amel (see: St. Lambertus Pfarrkirche, Manderfeld) (the first time, the floor was cleaned and wet and I couldn’t go inside, and the second time, it was closed), I managed to visit the Church of St. Eligius in Büllingen, in order to finish my series of churches built in the place of former Frankish palaces. (more…)

Manoir de Lébioles, Creppe, Spa

Manoir de Lébioles

You can’t just walk calmly down the streets of the city of Spa. Especially on one street (‘Avenue du Professeur Henri Jean’) that leads deep into the forest where the castle-like manor house Manoir de Lébioles stands.

I was nearly hit by a car several times while I was crossing the street without looking about, trying to capture the extremely beautiful and rich manor houses (little castles, as I call them) on both sides of the road. Because sometimes (more…)

St. Lambertus Pfarrkirche/Church of St. Lambert, Manderfeld

Church of St. Lambert, Manderfeld

Manderfeld was first mentioned in AD 854 in connection with a deed of donation sealed by Emperor Lothar I himself in his palace/Pfalz in Manderfeld demolished by the Normans in AD 882. There were actually 5 Frankish palaces in the area – of Manderfeld, of Thommen, Neundorf, Büllingen, and Amel. (more…)

Château de Leignon/Castle of Leignon

Castle of Leignon

The major part of the 2600-2700 castles in Belgium that are still private and not open to the public is well-visible from the main streets. That doesn’t hold true for the Castle of Leignon.  But even though I couldn’t take proper photographs of it, I want to show it by all means. As it is a very special castle to me. (more…)