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Church of St. Peter and St. Paul/Pfarrkirche Sankt Peter und Paul, Auw

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Auw

When I read about the three mysterious figures on the church tower in Auw in the historical magazine “Zwischen Venn und Schneifel”, I already knew, there aren’t any figures on the tower at all. But as this was information from a historical source, I went back to check it up. And I was right, there was nothing on the tower. I went around the whole church, keeping my eyes glued on the tower. And there was still nothing. (more…)

Trier, part 3

Sarre Street, Trier

One church is awaiting to be shown in Trier too, and this is in fact one of my favorite churches that had impressed even Napoléon Bonaparte – this ‘cultural heritage destroyer’.

The present Church of St. Paulinus/ Pfarrkirche St. Paulin dedicated to the 4th-century Trier bishop Paulinus of Trier, was constructed 1734 – 1753 as a third temple on the place. (more…)

Aachen, part 4

Cross-signature of Charlemagne

I’ve already shown some important historical sites in Aachen such as the Aachen Cathedral, Aachen Town Hall, Aachen Cathedral Treasury, but there are so many others there.

Here is the Church of St. Foillan – the only German church, dedicated to this saint and first Aachen parish church, intended for the common people of the imperial city, while the nobility attended the masses at the cathedral built by Charlemagne. (more…)

Ferschweiler Plateau, part 2

Fraubillen Cross, Ferschweiler Plateau

Hiking in nature is not my type of adventures, but if it comes to an area with so densely located monuments of different kinds as the Ferschweiler Plateau, I am ready to walk kilometers long and bear up against the muscle pain during the next couple of days with stoicism.

The first thing that I’ve came across (more…)

Ferschweiler Plateau, part 1

Never go to the forest without a map! Especially when it comes to such an intricate area with numerous paths and so many sites of interest as the Ferschweiler Plateau. I have proceeded twice to a Monument of Diana and although I had both times two different places as a starting point, I haven’t managed to reach it. (more…)

Church of St. Servatius/St. Servatius Kirche, Lichtenborn

Church of St. Servatius, Lichtenborn

The reason I often prefer to travel unprepared is maybe because I don’t want to set boundaries to the chance and just leave the door open to unexpected opportunities. And sometimes I am nicely surprised by the places that I find or that find me by chance.

As it was the case with my visit to the Church of St. Servatius in Lichtenborn. (more…)

Satzvey, Mechernich

Satzvey Castle

I may love all Knight Templar’s stories (and that’s why I simply had to visit the exhibition “The Knights Templar. Separating Myth from Reality” in the Abbey of Stavelot, for example, which was my disappointment, because there was almost nothing that I didn’t already know about the Order), but standing in a long queue for buying a not so cheap ticket for the Knights festival, one of the events organized in Satzvey Castle, wasn’t my thing, so I had to (more…)

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul/St. Peter und Paul Kirche, Büdesheim

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Büdesheim

Seen from the main road on my way to Kasselburg Castle, I couldn’t miss the visit to the Church of Büdesheim with its beautiful portal. And even though it turned out to be quite a “contemporary” building (1909) from my point of view, it has a great historical background. So, my gut didn’t betray me. Again. (more…)

Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene/Pfarrkirche St. Maria Magdalena, Arzfeld

Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene

It is somehow special and beautiful the Parish Church of Arzfeld, dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene – maybe the most mysterious figure in the New Testament and the Bible in general. And maybe that’s why her appearance in the temples is so interesting to me. (more…)