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Castle of Wiltz

Another place that I had to visit twice in order to make more photographs of it……, but now I know – the more you travel, the more you’re starving for more knowledge and more detailed information about the places you visit.

The first thing about Wiltz that attracted me was the title ‘Capital of (more…)

Bettenduerfer Schlass/Bettendorf Castle

Bettendorf Castle

Of all the castles that I’ve seen, I won’t show you maybe only one in Germany. Because it was private, which I wasn’t aware of, and because the young nobleman who met me on his property with my camera in hand was so kind to me and told me that there is no problem that I’ve made these pictures, “unless (more…)

Church of Weiswampach/ Wäisswampech

Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Weiswampach

I visited the Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Weiswampach only because I read in a guidebook that it is an exceptionally beautiful church. It was also written, that it is closed and the key is kept by the pastor in the parish house nearby. So, when I went there, I was prepared to call the pastor in order to see a hidden (and locked) little jewel. (more…)


Parish Church of St. Sebastian, Ettelbruck

I can’t offer you much information and pictures of Ettelbruck, as my visit was unplanned and I landed there on my way back home from the town of Diekirch, the main settlement of the canton and district, which Ettelbruck belongs to. Now I know that there is a town sightseeing walk with almost 15 important historical stations, but when I was there, even the (more…)


Urspelt Castle

I had no intentions to make reviews of hotels. But a castle is a castle. And this is my greatest passion, as you already know. Who’s said, that Belgium is the country with the highest density of castles per square kilometer, when Château d’Urspelt is only 5 km away from Château de Clervaux. I know, I know – there is no such country as Belgium, where the castles arise one after another from the left and from the right when you drive down the interurban roads. (more…)

St. Martin’s Church, Hachiville/Helzen/Helzingen

St. Martin’s Church, Hachiville

Maybe I will never have the chance to visit the pilgrimage site Helzer Klaus, because it was closed at the time I went to St. Martin’s Church in Hachiville, but I want to show you this church though, and its great treasure.

Helzer Klaus was once a pagan place of cult dedicated to a spring goddess, later converted to the cult of the Virgin Mary. And in 1474, it became a Christian pilgrimage site (there is no surprise here. See: (more…)


Castle of Clervaux

It’s weird when you visit one place and decide not to take photographs of it, not to have seen much things, worthy enough to be photographed. And one day you remember that you have been there, at this place, and yet you don’t have any pictures of it, or at least, not sufficient. And this place is very specific and interesting, just as so many other settlements in Luxembourg. Generally speaking, Luxembourg is (more…)

Church of St. Maximin/Pfarrkirche St. Maximin, Pintsch/ Kierch Pënsch

Church of St. Maximin/Pfarrkirche St. Maximin, Pintsch

As I’ve already shown you the great masterpiece of the great Bastogne sculptor Jean-George Scholtus, I want to show you other pieces of his stunning work – in the Church of St. Maximin in Pintsch (for more information on the connection between St. Maximin and Luxembourg – see here and here). The parish of Pintsch from the 8th century is one of the oldest parishes in the Luxembourg Ardennes. (more…)