Bracht Castle

Chased by a watchdog, accompanied by a Belgian whose every other sentence is “it is not allowed”, on a cold sunless day (which is something that you have to get to use to, because you know this famous ad at the Brussels airport – ‘Chocolate is best when it’s kept out of the sun. No surprise that the best is found in Belgium.’), but I’ve managed to (more…)


Maison Maraite, Bellevaux

Belgium is famous for its beer and its pommes frites and if you’ve never visited a little private brewery, watched the brewery process, and tasted the gorgeous local beer flavors during your stay in the country, you haven’t experienced much of this land… But this wasn’t the reason for my publication. The reason again is (more…)

Collégiale Notre-Dame et Saint-Domitien/Notre Dame Collegiate Church of Huy

Notre Dame Collegiate Church of Huy

I’ve seen a vague image of a part of the roof of the Collégiale Notre-Dame et Saint-Domitien in Huy in an old issue in French and immediately, without knowing anything about this edifice (I still don’t know much about it) I decided to visit it someday. So, my way back from the Modave Castle was such a brief occasion that I couldn’t (more…)

Satzvey, Mechernich

Satzvey Castle

I may love all Knight Templar’s stories (and that’s why I simply had to visit the exhibition “The Knights Templar. Separating Myth from Reality” in the Abbey of Stavelot, for example, which was my disappointment, because there was almost nothing that I didn’t already know about the Order), but standing in a long queue for buying a not so cheap ticket for the Knights festival, one of the events organized in Satzvey Castle, wasn’t my thing, so I had to (more…)

Church of Weiswampach/ Wäisswampech

Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Weiswampach

I visited the Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Weiswampach only because I read in a guidebook that it is an exceptionally beautiful church. It was also written, that it is closed and the key is kept by the pastor in the parish house nearby. So, when I went there, I was prepared to call the pastor in order to see a hidden (and locked) little jewel. (more…)


Parish Church of St. Sebastian, Ettelbruck

I can’t offer you much information and pictures of Ettelbruck, as my visit was unplanned and I landed there on my way back home from the town of Diekirch, the main settlement of the canton and district, which Ettelbruck belongs to. Now I know that there is a town sightseeing walk with almost 15 important historical stations, but when I was there, even the (more…)


Gouvy Castle

I’ve never managed to take the picture of Gouvy that I originally wanted to. It was a view of a street, that caught my eye while driving through the settlement. But I didn’t have the possibility to stop the car and capture the moment. And of course, the second time when I passed through the village, it wasn’t the same. I mean, the street hasn’t changed, but maybe my point of view (more…)

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul/St. Peter und Paul Kirche, Büdesheim

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Büdesheim

Seen from the main road on my way to Kasselburg Castle, I couldn’t miss the visit to the Church of Büdesheim with its beautiful portal. And even though it turned out to be quite a “contemporary” building (1909) from my point of view, it has a great historical background. So, my gut didn’t betray me. Again. (more…)

Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene/Pfarrkirche St. Maria Magdalena, Arzfeld

Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene

It is somehow special and beautiful the Parish Church of Arzfeld, dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene – maybe the most mysterious figure in the New Testament and the Bible in general. And maybe that’s why her appearance in the temples is so interesting to me. (more…)