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Trier, part 3

Sarre Street, Trier

One church is awaiting to be shown in Trier too, and this is in fact one of my favorite churches that had impressed even Napoléon Bonaparte – this ‘cultural heritage destroyer’.

The present Church of St. Paulinus/ Pfarrkirche St. Paulin dedicated to the 4th-century Trier bishop Paulinus of Trier, was constructed 1734 – 1753 as a third temple on the place. (more…)


Abbey garden and Orangery, Echternach

In 697/698, Irmina of Oeren donated her property in Echternach to the Anglo-Saxon missionary Willibrord. Echternach is the oldest city in Luxembourg.

Irmina was of a very influential noble family and, according to the legend, even a daughter of the last Merovingian King (more…)


Ambiorix, Tongeren

I am beginning the series „oldest cities“ (not some of the oldest but the oldest). I just feel that I can’t continue showing unpopular places in these three countries – Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany (for Germany it will be part II), if I don’t show now its origins, so to speak.

So, Tongeren in the Flemish Region of Belgium is the oldest city in that country, founded by (more…)

Kloster Steinfeld/Steinfeld Abbey

Salvatorian Abbey of Steinfeld

I visited the Salvatorian Abbey of Steinfeld by mistake.

After the Abbey of Maria Laach, I wanted to visit the Benedictine monastery in that town because just at that time, I read in „Secret Wisdom“, by Ruth Clydesdale that the motto of the German Alchemist Heinrich Khunrath “Ora et labora”/”Pray and work”/”Pray and labor” is actually the motto of the




Bonn is famous not only for the fact that it was from 1949 to 1990 the seat of government and the capital of West Germany but also because it belongs to the group of the oldest cities in Germany, of which I’ve already shown Trier and Koblenz.

Due to my short visit, I can show only a little part of it.


Maria Laach Abbey

Maria Laach Abbey

I found the Benedictine Abbey of Maria Laach in a ranking of the 10 most beautiful monasteries in Germany. I consider this type of ranking quite relative when it comes to a land with such a large territory like Germany. The number of 10 for any kind of objects could not be reliable. In my view, a list of upwards of 30 positions could be a bit more representative and real. And yet, the abbey church of Maria Laach is considered to be one of the most beautiful Romanesque buildings on German territory.

And yet, the Abbey Church of Maria Laach is considered to be one of the most beautiful Romanesque buildings on German territory. (more…)


St. Peter and Paul Basilica, Saint-Hubert

Hubert, or Hubertus (655/665-727), was a nobleman and a passionate hunter (the hunt at that time was a privilege only for the nobility), close to the Carolingian family. On one Good Friday, instead of going to church, he set off for a chase. But in the forest, a stag with (more…)

Our Lady’s Basilica in Avioth

Our Lady’s Basilica, Avioth, La Recevresse

I’ve crossed the French border twice – once from Belgian and once from the German side. Both times, the effect was striking. It was as if I have crossed an invisible barrier or directly a wall behind which there was an entirely different world. Everything was different – the atmosphere, and somehow even the air… When crossing the border for the second time, I decided that this „distinction in the air“ (it is quite difficult to explain that feeling) was due to the different pastel colors of the houses in France. (more…)



It is still a subject of dispute whether the located on both sides of the Meuse/Maas River Maastricht is the oldest or the second oldest (next to Nijmegen) city in the Netherlands. It is the second to Amsterdam regarding the number of heritage sites.

During my very short visit in town, I have hardly seen much of it.