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Castle of Wiltz

Another place that I had to visit twice in order to make more photographs of it……, but now I know – the more you travel, the more you’re starving for more knowledge and more detailed information about the places you visit.

The first thing about Wiltz that attracted me was the title ‘Capital of (more…)

Aachen, part 4

Cross-signature of Charlemagne

I’ve already shown some important historical sites in Aachen such as the Aachen Cathedral, Aachen Town Hall, Aachen Cathedral Treasury, but there are so many others there.

Here is the Church of St. Foillan – the only German church, dedicated to this saint and first Aachen parish church, intended for the common people of the imperial city, while the nobility attended the masses at the cathedral built by Charlemagne. (more…)

Parish Church of St. Laurentius/St. Laurentius Pfarrkirche, Mackenbach

Parish Church of St. Laurentius, Mackenbach

The Parish Church of St. Laurentius is one of the only three buildings that the settlement of Mackenbach consists of. It is a 15th-century temple with a long pilgrimage history related to the medieval hermit St. Lukerus who built a Klause (hermitage – see here) near the former church and his relics were buried in the temple. (more…)

Chapel of St. Anthony of the Desert/St. Antonius Eremit Kapelle, Crombach

Chapel of St. Anthony of the Desert, Crombach

If I have a considerable amount of historical data and pictures, why not to show you places that you’ll probably never see (unless you are a local person and you take these sites for granted). And I found them not elsewhere, but in the issue “Mysteries around churches and chapels (in East Belgium)”. So, the information that I have about them is not “just information”. (more…)


Eupen Town Museum

Eupen is another story. And now I can show you the architecture and all, and you can decide for yourself. Nevertheless, I cannot say I like this city. It’s a bit too plain, cold and not interesting. Well, maybe this feeling is because of the acquaintances I’ve made in this town.

Mentioned for the first time in 1213, Eupen is the biggest city and capital (more…)

St. Vith

Church of St. Vitus, St. Vith

I’ve already written about Belgium and its German-speaking community, but here is more detailed information on it.

I’m starting with St. Vith – one of the two main towns of the community. And firstly, I want to say that I don’t have any pictures of it, although I lived in the vicinity for so many years, and I’ve visited it on so many occasions. But a fact is a fact – I don’t have any pictures of it. And here is something that could explain this – St. Vith is known as (more…)

Church of St. Servatius/St. Servatius Kirche, Lichtenborn

Church of St. Servatius, Lichtenborn

The reason I often prefer to travel unprepared is maybe because I don’t want to set boundaries to the chance and just leave the door open to unexpected opportunities. And sometimes I am nicely surprised by the places that I find or that find me by chance.

As it was the case with my visit to the Church of St. Servatius in Lichtenborn. (more…)

Collégiale Notre-Dame et Saint-Domitien/Notre Dame Collegiate Church of Huy

Notre Dame Collegiate Church of Huy

I’ve seen a vague image of a part of the roof of the Collégiale Notre-Dame et Saint-Domitien in Huy in an old issue in French and immediately, without knowing anything about this edifice (I still don’t know much about it) I decided to visit it someday. So, my way back from the Modave Castle was such a brief occasion that I couldn’t (more…)

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul/St. Peter und Paul Kirche, Büdesheim

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Büdesheim

Seen from the main road on my way to Kasselburg Castle, I couldn’t miss the visit to the Church of Büdesheim with its beautiful portal. And even though it turned out to be quite a “contemporary” building (1909) from my point of view, it has a great historical background. So, my gut didn’t betray me. Again. (more…)