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Imperial Abbey of Kornelimünster

Abbey Church of Kornelimünster

To visit the otherwise very beautiful town of Kornelimünster on a very cold and windy day isn’t a very pleasant thing, but maybe it cannot be different as Aachen (to the district of which Kornelimünster belongs) and its area are notorious for their bad weather and in Aachen, (more…)


Abbey garden and Orangery, Echternach

In 697/698, Irmina of Oeren donated her property in Echternach to the Anglo-Saxon missionary Willibrord. Echternach is the oldest city in Luxembourg.

Irmina was of a very influential noble family and, according to the legend, even a daughter of the last Merovingian King (more…)

St. Maximin’s Abbey, Trier

St. Maximin's Abbey, Trier

I’ve already mentioned the Abbey of St. Maximin twice (in the first and most important place, the history of Luxembourg City and thus, of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in general, began with it) and apparently, I’m going to mention it again further. That’s why I’ve decided to show it in a separate publication before I present the second part of my publications about Trier.



Abbey of Stavelot

I’ve already written about the double monastery of Stavelot and Malmedy (in the publication about Malmedy that has to be read first since the two settlements are bound together and share a common origin history), built in 648, which makes them ones of the oldest settlements on Belgian territory.



Abbey church, Prüm, font

One of the purposes of my blog is to show how on every corner, from every stone and every little settlement peeps out great history. One typical example is Prüm – today a nice and very calm little town, but an independent principality in the past, and earlier – extremely rich and powerful Carolingian Imperial Abbey that was an important authority factor in the surrounding аrea.



Rue Jules Steinbach, Malmedy

In 2018, Malmedy is going to celebrate 1370 years of its foundation, which began in 648 with the building of a Benedictine monastery. In fact, of a double-monastery – that of Malmunderio/Malmedy and Stabelaco/Stavelot. The Frankish King Sigebert III, ruler of Austrasia and next to the last Merovingian king, granted part of his property in the Ardennes to the Aquitanian Abbot Remacle with the commission to build a monastery in the heart of the forest.