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Castle of Wiltz

Another place that I had to visit twice in order to make more photographs of it……, but now I know – the more you travel, the more you’re starving for more knowledge and more detailed information about the places you visit.

The first thing about Wiltz that attracted me was the title ‘Capital of (more…)

Church of St. Maximin/Pfarrkirche St. Maximin, Pintsch/ Kierch Pënsch

Church of St. Maximin/Pfarrkirche St. Maximin, Pintsch

As I’ve already shown you the great masterpiece of the great Bastogne sculptor Jean-George Scholtus, I want to show you other pieces of his stunning work – in the Church of St. Maximin in Pintsch (for more information on the connection between St. Maximin and Luxembourg – see here and here). The parish of Pintsch from the 8th century is one of the oldest parishes in the Luxembourg Ardennes. (more…)

St. Peter’s Church in Beho

St. Peter's Church, Beho, high altar

As I said in the publication about Bastogne, the little Church of St. Peter in Beho is the great masterpiece of the Bastogne sculptor Jean Georges Scholtus to me (though, not the only one at all), and it still holds one of the top positions in my personal classification of favorite churches. Maybe it is because of its modest appearance that leads to the wow-effect when you enter it, or maybe because of its obscure mysterious history.

In „Ardennes/Eifel, ein Garten Europas“, by Greven Verlag Köln, 1964, it is said that it was searched in vain for an explanation about why none of the tourist guides utters a word about this site. But maybe it just has to remain exactly this way…




Bastogne is mainly famous for its military history during the World War II – for the Siege of Bastogne in December 1944, part of the so-called Ardennes Offensive Operation. That’s why its tourist attractions are for the most part of military nature – War Museums, memorials, and War Cemetery. That explains the very few photographs made by me in this town, and yet this is exactly what determines its tourist attractivity.