Vogthaus, Neuerburg

There is nothing certain about the early history of the small beautiful town of Neuerburg. All historical dates are assumptions that aren’t documented.

Yet there are remains of that old history all over the place. In fact, the whole settlement has preserved its old-time atmosphere despite the contemporary houses, the ruins of the forts, the change of ownership, and the change of use of the buildings.

When Neuerburg arose, it is not known.

In 1132, Neuerburg Castle was mentioned for the first time. Its name carries the town (Burg=Castle).

Today it serves as a youth hostel. Sometimes, I candidly envy the young Western European for they are compelled to learn or camp in the buildings of former castles and monasteries. I don’t know if they can realize and appreciate the privilege of having the opportunity to touch the history in such a direct way.

It is assumed that the Late Gothic Church of St. Nicholas was built between 1492 and 1570.

St.Nikolaus Neuerburg, Portal

The initial church of Neuerburg was erected in the 11th century. What is remained of it is the tympanum of the entrance portal.

St.Nikolaus Neuerburg, Kreuzgang.jpg

The Way of the Cross.


At the far end of the photograph, you can see the bell tower of the church which was serving as a gate tower before.

Beilsturm, Neuerburg

At the far end – the so-called Beilsturm, part of the town fort from the 16th century.

Vogthaus Neuerburg (2)

Das Vogtgebäude – the residential building of the Vogt – at the far end. It was erected in 1624 with a tower that was part of the defensive wall of the town. Today it is a clergy house.

Vogthaus Neuerburg

The portal of the Vogtgebäude with the coat of arms from the 17th century on top. The coats of arms below are from 17th and 19th century.

Neuerburg (2).jpg

A „castle pharmacy“ from 1827.

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